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October 13, 2011
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October 27, 2011
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Guardian Angels: Mikey the Shark

Now there are literally thousands of books out there about angels, the angelic realms, and how to communicate with them, and I imagine many of you are already familiar with some of them.  For this blog, I’m not going to try to recreate very good information that’s already out there.  But I want to share a bit about my experiences with my Guardian Angels because some of you may find it helpful in building your relationships with your own.*

A little groundwork is probably in order, especially for those of you who are unfamiliar with Guardian Angels.  First of all, you’ve got Guardian Angels, regardless of your spiritual beliefs or religious orientation (or the lack thereof).  It doesn’t matter if you even believe they exist.  The relationship you have with them was actually established before you even set foot in the womb.  This was part of the planning process for this lifetime, and their collective job is to support you in your journey.  You share some Guardian Angels with others – a parent might share one with a child, for example – but you have one that is exclusive to you.  Although your Guardian Angels work as a group, each one has a specific focus or purpose for helping you.

My Guardian Angels are Anna, Mikey, Ariel, Lucas and George.

No, I didn’t name them.  They give you the names they want you to know them by, as well as a symbol.  I don’t think they have any need for these means of identification in their own realms but they know it helps us recognize them.  Their names and symbols can be fairly conventional (like my Anna, whose symbol is a goldfish), but can also be quite unconventional or even downright silly.  I’m sure somewhere out there there’s a “Bananas” (as an angel name, symbol, or both).  Often a Guardian Angel’s name will feel familiar to you, however.  It might be the special name you came up with for your favorite doll, for example. It could the name you liked to use when you played “make believe” when you were little.  Those names resonated with you very early on for a reason.  (I’ve always liked the name Anna, for example.)

Honestly, the names and symbols are kind of surface stuff when considering the incredibly helpful role your Guardian Angels play in your life.  They’re like best friends who love you unconditionally.  And I mean unconditionally. They never judge you or turn their backs on you.  Even at what you feel are your pettiest moments, they are by your side to support you, lift you up, help you sort things out, explore options, and learn from your experiences.  When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t care if a Guardian Angel’s name was Peanut Butter and their symbol was a brad nailer.  This would still be someone I’d like to get to know better, and would be extremely grateful to have in my life.

For that reason, when I do spiritual readings, I always help my clients identify at least one of their Guardian Angels’ names and symbols, if they don’t know that already.  These angels always have front row seats for your readings, regardless of what’s being discussed.  They ALWAYS show up for these very important meetings because – you guessed it – they’re always with you.  You’re truly never alone!  They want you to know them and they want to work with you as directly as possible.

Here’s something else angels really want you to know:  They don’t look like the angels in those Renaissance paintings (i.e. flowing gowns, luminescent wings, trumpets, Caucasian features, etcetcetc.). Angels are not human and they are genderless, although they can assume human form and genders if they choose to.  (Or any other form, for that matter. There are no limits to what they can do or be.)  Many people don’t recognize their Guardian Angels, and miss the cues they are giving them, because of these preconceived notions of what they are “supposed to” be like.  The angels want to dispel that myth, and they ask you to keep an open mind so that you’ll have a better chance of recognizing them in your lives.

To that end, they’ve asked me to tell you about Mikey.  Of all my Guardian Angels, Mikey’s name, image, symbol, and modus operandi are probably the furthest away from the traditional angel images out there.

Mikey is not a name I would’ve picked out for an angel, and he knows it.  (My suggestion that we shorten it to “Mike” got nixed – oh well.)  His focus is health and helping me maintain my overall well-being.  His symbol – how he appears to me — is a cartoon shark.  Yep, think Jabber Jaws, put a baseball cap on him and a whistle around his neck, and you have Mikey.  He does not talk in a lovely, melodic and ethereal kind of voice, nor does he use gentle, fuzzy- bunny words.  He’s loud, very direct in his feedback, and kind of in- your- face.  To top it off, he’s the only one out of my Guardian Angels who literally sounds a whistle (“TWEET!!!!”) when I take inspired action. Or when I ignore it, for that matter.

At face value he obviously does not fit the traditional images of an angel.  In fact, he probably sounds a little overbearing  and obnoxious.  But he actually has very angelic qualities:  He is ALWAYS positive, encouraging, uplifting, and he has complete faith that I can do anything I put my mind to. He also has a tremendous and warm sense of humor, and absolutely amazing energy.  He’s 100% Guardian Angel, and I’m very, very glad I picked Mikey for this journey.

It’s important to know that there are lots of other Angels out there who are willing and available to help everyone, too.  Some are subject matter experts, others are just there to provide love and moral support when you need it.  They’re there for as long as you need that help, you just have to ask.

And that is key, by the way – you gotta ask for help.  Free Will is real and they cannot violate it unless your life is in jeopardy before your time, so to speak.  Even your Guardian Angels must respect that universal law.  So if you want help from the angelic realms, know they’re delighted to help you, but you must ask them, and that can be in the form of prayer or just a flat out request for assistance.  If you call them, they will come.

How I received help from one of those wonderful “subject matter expert” angels was very simple.  I described a specific skill I needed help with, and I asked for an angel to please help me with it.  In response I heard, “Pay attention to the name,” and I felt a sudden urge to turn on the radio.  The song playing was the Rolling Stones’ “Angie,” and I’d tuned in at precisely the point where Mick Jagger started singing the refrain, “Angie… Aaaannnnnnggiiiiiieeee…”  Well, angels often communicate important messages 2-3 times, and there it was: I knew the song was named “Angie,” and then my buddy Mick sang the name 2 more times.  BINGO! I quickly turned off the radio and I asked if this angel named Angie could please respond, and I immediately heard a very friendly, feminine voice say, “Hello!”  That’s how quickly, and easily, help arrived. Aren’t they wonderful?

I know I’ve only scratched the surface here.  There are many, many angels — the super-fabulous Archangels, for example — and there are several levels to the angelic realms, and I’ll share more about my experiences with them later.  For now, I just wanted to get you thinking about the wonderful angels who are closest to you, your Guardians.

*If you’d like some assistance with connecting with your Guardian Angels, please drop me a line. I’d love to help you. This is, hands down, my absolute favorite part of my job as a spiritual communicator and medium. Angels rock!