Laurie Blomer: Psychic, Channel and Animal Communicator


As a professional psychic, my background is a bit unique in that I also have over 25 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies in employee relations, training and leadership development, and performance management. When I give readings, I take a very practical and tactical approach, helping clients identify actions they can take to experience greater happiness and fulfillment through aligning with their soul’s purpose. My approach is non-denominational, interactive, uplifting and fun.

As a psychic and channel, I can help you communicate with your Spirit Guides so you can benefit from their support, divine insights, and guidance.

As an animal communicator, or “pet psychic,” I’ll help you communicate with your pets, both living and deceased, to better understand their thoughts, behaviors, and needs.

I also facilitate Past Life Regressions and work with the Akashic Records (a spiritual dimension that contains the record of all your lives — past, present and even future!) to help you understand and experience the larger picture of your soul’s journey.

I offer private appointments at my office in Kennett Square, PA, and via phone and videoconferencing.

For groups, I offer Reading Parties and Message Circles. I also teach in- person and videoconferenced workshops to help people develop their own intuitive gifts, such as

  • Working with Tarot and Oracle cards
  • Giving card readings for others
  • Monthly Oracle & Tarot Card Reading Club
  • Psychic development
  • “Grounding” techniques & protecting your energy
  • Working with Spirit Guides
  • Exploring past lives
  • Accessing the Akashic Records
  • Animal spirit guides & totem animals
  • Animal communication

Please see my “Events & Workshops” page for a list of courses that are currently being offered.

My gift certificates can be applied towards any of my services, events or workshops, and they have no expiration date! Please see my “Schedule an Appointment” page to purchase a gift certificate.

My mission is to help people better understand their own divine natures and experience their connection to all living beings, both on this plane and in other dimensions.

Allow me to introduce myself...

Interested in a reading or Past Life Regression?

When I schedule your appointment, we’ll discuss your spiritual objectives and the areas of your life that you’d like to focus on. My approach is non-denominational, and the format is flexible, outcome oriented, uplifting and fun.

Would you like to communicate with animals?

For many of us, animals are important to us, too, and we want to better understand their behavior, thoughts and needs.  As an animal communicator I can help you communicate with these special creatures, too.

Want to develop your intuitive gifts?

Everybody has psychic ability that can be developed! I teach workshops on psychic development, animal communication, oracle card reading, and many other spiritually-based topics.