My Approach to Giving Readings

I take a non-denominational approach to giving private readings, respecting each client’s religious views and spiritual path. I sometimes use oracle cards to enhance and clarify the information I’m receiving. We start with your spiritual objectives – your reasons for wanting to have a psychic reading. Examples of topics we can explore during your reading:

  • Gaining insights regarding relationships, situations, career changes or other important decisions
  • Talking with a pet (living or deceased)
  • Understanding your life objectives
  • Finding out who your Spirit Guides are
  • Exploring your past lives
  • Reviewing your Akashic Records, the record of your soul’s journey through all its incarnations

One of the key outcomes of the reading is to identify actions you can take to have greater happiness and a closer alignment to your soul’s purpose. I like to call it Life Path Guidance!

You can expect a private reading to last 30- 60 minutes, depending on how many topics you’d like to explore. Pet readings are generally shorter, 15- 30 minutes.  (Note: I am not a medical intuitive, so I do not comment on medical conditions.)

When facilitating past life regressions, I use hypnosis to relax your mind and body, and a guided process for accessing your past life memories in a safe and supportive environment. This hypnotic state is not a deep “trance” state but, rather, an Alpha brainwave state where you are both very relaxed but also very awake and alert. In this state you are able to observe and retrieve these memories without having to “relive” them. At the close of the regression, we discuss how to integrate those past experiences into your current life, so you can benefit from that wisdom. Plan on your past life regression appointment lasting about 2 hours.

Interested in a reading or Past Life Regression?

When I schedule your appointment, we’ll discuss your spiritual objectives and the areas of your life that you’d like to focus on. My approach is non-denominational, and the format is flexible, outcome oriented, uplifting and fun.

Would you like to communicate with animals?

For many of us, animals are important to us, too, and we want to better understand their behavior, thoughts and needs.  As an animal communicator I can help you communicate with these special creatures, too.