What Clients Are Saying

Here’s what my clients are saying about how they benefited from their readings. Click here if you would like to submit a testimonial for my site.

The experience with Laurie took me totally off guard. It was such a spontaneous experience, that what she shared and how it was conveyed left no doubt she was having a real exchange with my beloved brother. I have never had an experience like this. It was tender, emotional, even funny and gave my heart a great release. What an amazing gift you have to share Laurie. I look so forward to recommending others to you! With deep gratitude…

Marjorie Mundy

When the first messages were shared with me, I was overcome with positive emotions. The details resonated so clearly with where I am in my current journey and continue to help guide me today.

Kathy Bloom

Laurie’s insightful reading gave me specific information regarding departed family members and provided options to help me achieve my soul’s purpose.


I had several readings with Laurie and all I can say is ‘awesome.’ It was nice to have my information relayed to my loved ones and vise versa. The light and love from Laurie is just incredible. She helped me through some challenging times. Laurie also assisted me through some personal issues and her insight to the reading of the cards clarified others. Thanks for all you do to open your heart and soul to everyone’s lives you touch.

Donna J.

I will tell you that Laurie was my first ever reading. I’ve always been intrigued by doing such but did not pursue for one reason or another. I attended the Arden Fair last year with my wonderful sister whom has always open my eyes and heart to deeper experiences and understandings. It was near the end of the fair and she suggested a reading. She experienced readings many times before. We walked into the room where there were several folks who were providing such services. My sister said take your time walk near each one and see who resonates with you. Well I looked over at Laurie several times and just knew she was the one. She had the loving, warm, and sincere way about her. Felt like sitting down and talking to a friend!! Upon, telling her this was my first time she offered to do a reading with both me and my sister. What a wonderful suggestion and what a wonderful experience to share with my sister! The reading truly moved me like nothing words can even describe. It could not have been more in tune with what I needed to hear at that time in my life and gave me reassurance of my current path forward as being the one I was meant to be upon. She even introduced me to my guardian angel who I now call upon often when I need support and guidance or just to join we when I’m having a wonderful day. Oh and a funny thing when Laurie told me his name she said that he knew it wasn’t a favorite of mine. Oh my and that was so very true! Though now I’ve come to appreciate and love the name! I hope to get another opportunity to do more readings with her. Even my daughter is intrigued and wants to try the experience! Laurie is truly a gifted and lovely person!

Pam Cichocki

Laurie’s ability to provide insights and messages has helped clarify and confirm the life path I am on. She delivered not only answers to questions I specifically had about my life, but also passed along some extra messages from my pets that I didn’t even expect! Everything made perfect sense. Thanks Laurie!

Susan G.

My mom’s sudden passing let my whole family feeling empty and full of questions. My faith helped me be able to let go and move forward but even though I knew I could talk to my Mom I really wanted her to answer me. I would look for signs and often felt her presence in the flickering of lights or the flight of a butterfly but there was a longing that kept me from being able to truly let go and move on. In comes Laurie. She was able to help contact my mom and get the closure I needed. She also was validation for me that I was feeling her presence and now when I long for her hug I just ask and soon I feel her arms wrapped around me. Thank you, Laurie for sharing your gift with me.


Laurie is one of the most talented and gifted mediums I have ever had the honor of meeting. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and her information she receives is so spot on that you know she is in connection with your family members past and spiritual guides. If you ever have an opportunity to connect with Laurie do not miss out on such a truly uplifting and positive experience.

Diane Brittingham

I met Laurie a few years ago in a Spirituality class we were taking together. I instantly recognized her talents and gifts in Spirituality. Her talents were used to help my pets first on my dog and later my horse. The communication and message I received were amazing. Even down to the dietary change needed because the yogurt the vet suggested was upsetting her stomach. We changed the food by adding rice and we had a change in her stool samples. As for my horse, the messages were very clear and concise. I needed to get on board with changes that were going on in my life. Recent job changes brought less time and more distractions. He told me I was ‘prickly’ when I came to visit him (distractions) and not focused on him. (After all it is all about him – LOL.) I highly recommended Laurie to friends who used her gifts and were amazed at the messages received and heard! Laurie is very gifted and everything she shared with came into fruition. Including Lots of Abundance! If I were you, I would move quickly to get on her calendar.

Terri W.