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October 27, 2011
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March 24, 2016
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A Channeled Message… with Homework!

I work with a collective of spiritual Folks that consists of many who have lived in the physical form but have passed back into spirit, some Ascended Masters, and a group of very highly evolved spiritual beings who have never lived in the physical plane.  When I asked how they identified themselves – a name – they did not offer me one.  Their response: By placing a name or label on them it would immediately place limits on them.  They say, “A name implies both what something is and what it is not. There is nothing that we are not or cannot be.”   In terms of how we met, I had long been wanting to help humanity on a greater level, so they approached me during a meditation, stating they were responding to that request.  They asked if I would be willing to channel their messages, and I responded with an immediate yes, saying I was delighted and grateful for the opportunity.

While I do not have a name for them, I can tell you how I perceive them: It feels like a cast of thousands.  I see some that are spiritual beings that lack specific form but I see their energy as shimmering colors; they are highly evolved and they lead and oversee the larger group.  Among the Ascended Masters, I am aware of Marcus Arelius, the Roman statesman.  (He’s a very interesting being, by the way, and I’ll be writing more about him in a future blog entry!) With them I also see many, many individuals who’ve spent life on the physical plane – Earth – who show themselves to me as they looked when they were here.  I see an English soldier in his uniform from World War I, for example, and there is woman in an Indian sari who lived hundreds of years ago.  They tell me new members are joining every day, and that some leave in order to return to the physical plane to continue their work and spiritual development.  I can see why they would not want to put a name or label on themselves, because they are continually evolving.

I sat down today to meditate this morning and this group immediately appeared. “Are you ready to resume work on that blog?”  It had been several weeks, and they were calling me back to writing and to make good on what I’d agreed to do, sharing their helpful messages for humanity.  What is below is a channeled message from them that begins with a statement of purpose, of sorts, of their objectives, and even a bit of homework for all of us!  I hope it resonates with you as much as it did for me.  Here goes…

“Our objective is to help humanity exploit this time of great change. Yes, we use the term ‘exploit’ – we mean fully taking advantage of, fully enjoying, fully utilizing a time of energetic change that you have brought to yourselves.  In this collective are individuals who have learned lessons on the physical plane who wish to impart this learning to others, as well as others who take a much higher perspective on spiritual development.  At the heart of our message today is that collaboration and cooperation enhances your experience as well as others’ experiences in this very abundant and creative universe you are part of.

“This sounds trite; indeed, these concepts are central elements to many of your religions that go back thousands of years.  And there are literally hundreds of authors and speakers who are sharing this message with you from pulpits, lecterns, radio shows, blogs and newspapers.  You are correct if you are thinking, ‘This is not a new message.’  And many of you say you belief this.  You make statements to this effect in churches, mosques, synagogues, and other religious gatherings and places of worship.  But you don’t consistently act as you speak.  We submit to you that you are surrounded with examples of where you propose to believe in peaceful co-existence but act in ways that are completely contrary to that, which shows that there is a prevailing, sponsoring thought and belief that every person is pitted against every other in some fashion.

“War. Competition. Theft.  Thoughts of scarcity.  Need for ownership, to divide things, to hold on to things, and to lock them in order to ‘safeguard’ what you have from others.  The desire to not be last.  The desire to be the ‘best.’ These are all counter to cooperation and collaboration which, at its heart, is about sharing of oneself for the greater good because all will benefit. You are seeing the breaking down of existing institutions for exactly these reasons: Because they are built on a foundation of incorrect assumptions about the way the Universe operates and misled beliefs about what is good for you.  Why else would people be complaining that the world is such a mess and that people are not feeling good about themselves – ever, just look at your average magazine cover – or about others?  You are seeing the rumblings now in various activities going on around the globe at both the individual and institutional levels.  Serious conversations are occurring around the fact that there is more to life because… there is!  Unfortunately, this has also led to the creation of various camps of thought – political and religious factions, for example — and we say to you, you need to come together on this and not break apart in separate thought groups. 

“Let us add that you’re seeing a reaction from the very Earth itself. 

“Know that we are not sharing a Doomsday prophecy here: Rather, we are saying look at the signs that the traditional – and current – paradigms of thought are not working.  If any part is not working than the whole is not working, because you are connected!  So we are encouraging you to change your way of thinking and acting, for your personal benefit and for the benefit of others.  We assure you, all can benefit from this wonderful, creative universe that responds to how you think and feel; this is universal law.  If you sponsoring thought is scarcity, you will experience scarcity; if your sponsoring thought is abundance, you will experience abundance.  But you must change your thinking to that of collaboration, cooperation, trust, and the knowledge that every thing and every one you see around you, you come in contact with, however briefly, is a reflection and expression of God, Source, All That Is… whatever term you wish to use, It is all one and the same.  We shall use the term God as one that many of you are already familiar with, but you may use the term that feels comfortable to you. (Although we will also tell you that much of what you were taught about the concept of God is incorrect.  God does not have human ego attributes such as gender, gray hair, mercurial changes in moods, or a desire to play favorites! But that is for another day.)

“What is true about God: There is no place where God is not.  So any intentional thought or action you take against another person or thing is an act against God and against you!  Think about that.  It’s not a sometimes kind of thing where you can be kind to one person then be disrespectful to another and it somehow balances out.  You can’t sometimes acknowledge the existence of God and sometimes not; it just doesn’t work that way.  So we will say again, there is no place where God is not so, where you impact one, you impact all, including yourself.  Yes we know this is a complicated concept and yet it is actually beautifully summed up by stating that everything is connected.

“We ask you to give this a try: Love everything and every one.  Not some, not just when you’re in the mood.  Love others as if you were expressing love to and for yourself (because, as it turns out, you are doing just that). Every insult you fling at or about someone you are directing at yourself; in fact, you are doing more damage to yourself.  And every expression of tenderness you offer to another you are offering to yourself.  If you want to change your experience of the world around you, start with this very simple action.  And imagine how this world would be if every single person – every one, not some, not most – always lived in this manner, if they always acted out of love! Because love is at the essence of your being – it IS your being, we are here to tell you, at your core and essence.  God is love.

“So let that be your thought for the day: Love everything and everyone in thought and action and see how your day changes, how your week evolves, how your month unfolds, when love becomes your dominant thought.  Try living in that flow and gauge the differences in the quality of your living, and observe the impact you’ve had by applying this consistently in the people around you.”