Private Psychic Development & Mentoring Sessions

In addition to teaching workshops to help you develop your psychic and intuitive gifts, I offer private psychic development and mentoring sessions tailored to your aspirations and developmental goals. These sessions are truly customized for you, whether you want to further develop your psychic abilities or use your gifts in a professional capacity.

I can help you with

  • Identifying your dominant psychic abilities
  • Strengthening your less- developed intuitive gifts
  • Understanding and interpreting your psychic and intuitive experiences and dreams
  • Living with psychic and mediumship ability – including how to “turn it on” AND “turn it off” when you need to!
  • Managing your high sensitivity so that it’s an asset and not a liability
  • Communicating with animals, plants and other sentient beings
  • Safely communicating with beings in other dimensions
  • Using divination tools such as oracle and Tarot card reading and dowsing instruments — or bringing your current practices to a new level
  • Creating an energy “hygiene” routine
  • Establishing a business as a professional psychic, medium, and/or pet psychic
  • Using ceremony and ritual for honoring important milestones in your life
  • Finding clients and establishing healthy professional boundaries with them

And those are just a few examples! Contact me to discuss your developmental goals and how I can help you.