Message Circle: Talk to Your Spirit Guides!

Everyone has Spirit Guides, wonderful beings in the non- physical planes who want to help you achieve your soul's objectives and live a joyful and fulfilling life. This […]


Mini-Workshop: Working with Spirit Guides

Zoom Workshop

Learn how to communicate directly with your Spirit Guides! This 1.5 hour workshop will help you connect with  one of your Spirit Guides and work with […]


Workshop: Getting (and Staying!) Grounded

Zoom Workshop

“Grounding” -- sometimes called "Earthing" -- refers to balancing the energy in your body by ensuring you have a strong energetic connection to the earth. In this […]


Workshop: How to Read Oracle Cards

Laurie's Office 1669 West Doe Run Rd., Kennett Square, PA

Oracle cards are wonderful tools for accessing your intuition, tapping into creativity, exploring different perspectives, and identifying alternative solutions to problems. You don’t have to consider yourself "psychic” […]