Communicating With Animals

I absolutely love working and talking with animals! They all have important things to share with us and there is so much we can learn from them. Animals’ perspectives and priorities can be somewhat different than ours, based on their species, physiology, environments and life experiences. They often understand the natural world and the cycles of life — including their relationships with their bodies — better than humans do.  Animals have valuable perspectives and wisdom and conversations with them are always enlightening!

Having a reading with your pet can be helpful when

  • They’ve recently joined your family
  • You’re having trouble understanding their needs
  • They’re exhibiting behavior you don’t understand
  • There will be been a change in the dynamics at home that affect your pet, such as a physical move or the arrival of new baby or another pet
  • You want to increase your emotional bond with them
  • The animal is now deceased, you miss them, and you just want to talk with them

Communicating with animals is a telepathic process, so they don’t need to be physically present with either of us for the reading. I can do these types of readings from a distance (via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messaging video) as effectively as in person, so it’s very convenient for you.

Note: I’m not a “medical intuitive” — I don’t have a medical background or training — so I don’t comment on medical conditions. If you are looking for expertise in that area,  contact me and I can suggest practitioners who may be able to help you with that.

Helping animals is part of my life purpose and I feel passionate about it. I support animal rescues and shelters by offering readings and workshops where a percentage of the proceeds goes to the charity. It’s a creative, inspiring and fun way to raise funds for animals in need. Contact me if you’d like to consider doing something for your shelter or rescue!

Custard, one of our feline family members

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